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This site is the digital portfolio of Jeannie Arslanian. It is for those who love photograpy, graphic design and website development. I want to expose people to my enlightened sense of life; that I see beauty in everyday objects and like to capture these images by stopping time with a still photo. I also like to design printed pieces with a boldness and yet perform the function to each piece's purpose. I also like to encorporate fun and learning in the process of creating these pixel expressions contained in my soul.

My Awakening...

I used to be a chemist. It was my goal in life to help people. I have worked over 20 years now in the scientific field only to be awakened by the other side of me: the artistic side. There are times in my life that I remember the most about my childhood, times where I knew I was excited about something. I remember taking my first photo and how it felt to hold the camera and be able to take a picture of what I was looking at and capture it. I also remember wanting finger paints for Christmas and how excited I was when I got them and how disappointed I was when I ran out of paper or a color of paint. I also remember the first time I got a calculator to use for school and my first computer, a VIC 20 Commodore. I was so excited to learn that I could progam the thing to calculate a loan or a game. Those are the things that I remember that I was excited about. I was never really excited about chemistry. I liked to learn about it and perform tasks in the lab to get a method developed to extract a drug, but I was never really excited about it. I wanted to help people and I was only interested in that. A very strong interest, but how I kept moving from one lab job to another really should have taught me that I was not doing what I was supposed to in life. I needed to wake up and smell the crayons, feel the power of the passion that cannot be withheld any longer. I need to explore this creation process and express my true self in this media.

I so want to tell people that they should follow what makes them excited about. I think that if you follow your passion you will be most content in life.

I can only hope that the process of building this site expresses what I am trying to build within me. I am in a learning process here. I have been awakened to my true self and need to move on to a higher calling. I need to express a stronger sense of myself. The ability to create and express what I think that all of us want from life. Love of life and the ability to express it to our fullest degree.


Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others Jonathan Swift